* That Japanese Doll Quilt - Bloque 3

Bloque 3A.- MEGUMI

Bloque 3B.- GETA (Tradicionales sandalias japonesas)

Bloque 3C.- KIRIKO

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  1. What kind of thread did you use to stitch around the applique? I am attempting to do this quilt also. Thank you.

    1. Hi honey, I used normal polyester thread for all the kilt and the applique is made all by machine. If you finally decide to make it you will not regret, it's so beautiful... I really enjoyed making it!!! I just made the sandwich one week ago and now I'm ready to quilt it although I still do not know if making it by hand or by machine... hehe..
      If you have any other question just let me know and tell me if you finally decide to make it!!